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I am a PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business. I am interested in exploring social perceptions within organizations, focusing on how normative tension contributes to bias, backlash, and stereotyping in modern organizations. In my dissertation, I examine how organizational efforts to encourage employee wellbeing result in both overt and subtle discrimination of workers who put this advice into practice. My other work investigates the consequences of the increased emphasis on passion for work for job candidates, the impact of norm-setting interventions in virtual teams, and the stereotyping of large or "mega-corporations." Throughout my research, I explore strategies that individuals and organizations can use to reframe their behavior and improve their outcomes.

I also pursue a secondary stream of research focused on the increasing sociopolitical divide in the U.S. and abroad. Leveraging Big Data and machine learning methods, I explore the validity of lay beliefs about the differences in gendered self-presentation between liberals and conservatives, offering insight into the distinctions that unite and divide us.